Strengthen Your Business Core for Increased Profits

Your business core is the nucleus of your business. It it the basis upon which your business is built and provides the processes, assets and framework for profits and long term growth. You can’t allow your business core to go soft. 

Joel Goobich

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    Joni Wilson

    Professional Writer & Editor

    This book provides simple and essential exercises to strengthen a business. As a new business owner, I am grateful for the author’s insightful words that helped me to examine why I am in business and what my big picture is. In each chapter, there are clear, concise tools (and exercises) that are given to help create a stronger business. The chapters focus on essential topics about business—including money, customers, employees, use of social media, and more. I’m excited about this user-friendly guide and the wealth of information that the author (a certified business consultant) shares with the reader. 

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How to use this book to build Business Abs

This book – Top 10 Ways to Build Business AbsTM  will help you get your business or professional career into great shape, build business muscle and strengthen your business core. The essence of these business abs exercises is to treat your business or career as if you were working out at a gym. Building strong business muscle requires you to work continuously on improvement. It starts with a dedicated commitment to hard work and recognition that extreme success is a process that takes time. There are few, if any, shortcuts to building strong muscles. (Just ask any of those people at the gym with the great abs).


The Top 10 Ways to Build Business AbsTM provides insight into solutions and includes exercises to strengthen your business core. Each chapter begins with a simple statement regarding a key business issue and three choices about how this statement reflects your specific business or career reality. Choose the answer that truly reflects the status of your business or career. Then read how this particular business issue impacts your business and the specific actions you can take to get into tip-top shape. Finally, each chapter ends with a series of simple exercises for you to begin tackling your core issues.



    About The Author


    Joel Goobich is a big-picture guy with sharp insight into how individual parts make a strong whole. He’s tireless in pursuit of solutions to boost your business, adapt to the changing business environment and, ultimately, put you on track to a profitable transition and exit to your next act.

    A Born Entrepreneur

    He’s been your shoes as an entrepreneur, business buyer and business owner. He founded Colorations, Inc. which he built from the start to a leading international manufacturer and distributor of children’s art products.  Using the first-hand knowledge gained from a rewarding and well planned and implemented exit  from the company, he now focuses his considerable intensity on working with business owners to strengthen the elements of their businesses into a dynamic whole that leads to a successful and satisfying exit through his consulting and marketing firms, Big Picture Advisors llc and i3 Marketing llc.

    A Fresh Perspective

    From business development to innovation through successful entrepreneurship, Joel has the rock solid base of experience and seasoned judgment to discern the Big Picture of business growth. Through his company, Big Picture Advisors, he works with business owners and top management executives to help them strengthen and build their business muscle.


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