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Getting stuck with what to do next

Getting stuck with what to do next.

Ever have one of those days where you are pulled in multiple directions? That described my day yesterday.

It was another classic day of being stuck.

On one hand I absolutely vowed to complete the work on three upcoming podcasts. (didn’t happen!). On the other hand I was confronted with a business ‘fire’ to put out. I opted to be the firefighter and it got me stuck for most of the afternoon and even into this morning.

So what was the ‘major’ fire? I can tell you it was not ‘life or death’ for my business – just something mundane as having some of the images and links on my website disappear or become corrupted.

You would think that this could be fixed with just a little effort. A couple of minutes of inconvenience. Perhaps if you are an IT wiz or have one on staff that is tasked with these issues. But for the majority of small business owners and managers who don’t have those resources it can be time consuming and frustrating. I already have a whole lot less hair than before. I don’t want to lose anymore from this stress.

Seems as if WordPress has a mind of its own. (so does my iPhone which randomly calls people at the most inappropriate times). Fortunately, after over 2 hours of work I found a work-around solution. The downside was that I got so off course that I did not accomplish the other important tasks.

Lesson to self (and others) – be careful being a firefighter in your business. Assess whether the fire is just a nuisance that can smolder for a while longer or if it’s a true conflagration that requires immediate and massive attention and focus.


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