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Get Unstuck through Improv

Just think about this simple observation.

Embrace Change - Get Unstuck

When we were young-un’s we were completely uninhibited. We said whatever came to mind. Nothing to embarass us, hold us back. Nothing to get us stuck in our own mindset of what was acceptable, what was proper. We just let it out there.

Our minds were totally free. Oh how I wish I could capture just a smidgeon of this again. Wouldn’t that be absolutely empowering?

That is what led me to enroll this summer in a comedy improv class. Because, I’ve learned that to be good at improv you have to let your thoughts cascade freely like a toddler. My instructor so aptly put it – Don’t Get Stuck with all of the preconceived notions that you carry around with you.

Improv is NOT easy. Not because the techniques are easy to understand. No, what’s difficult is letting go. Being in the moment. Allowing your mind to freely roam and explore the stimuli and be open to follow a completely unexplored path.

And how often do we allow ourselves to do this in business. We get ourselves stuck in our business because we over plan. We get stuck because we have preconceived ideas on what to do or


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