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Baseball & Business – Both Slaves to Numbers

When I was a boy growing up in Columbus, Ohio there were two competing newspapers, one the morning paper which did not have a very good sports page – not a lot of baseball statistics – and the afternoon paper which had all of the box scores from the previous days games.

During the summer I couldn’t wait to come home from playing or school to devour the sports page. I was a slave to the numbers.

Fast forward to the present tense and I am still infatuated with numbers, measurements and statistics. Both in sports, investment and business metrics.

Baseball and Business are driven by metricsBaseball and business have a lot in common. A whole lot.

Perhaps the biggest common denominator is that both are intimately tied to measurements and statistics of one kind or another. Having meaningful and reliable performance metrics is crucial in both baseball and business to the ability of managers and executives to make proper decisions.

In a recent podcast episode of Don’t Get Stuck in Your Business we talked at length about the commonality of these two endeavors that define to a large extent the landscape of America.

What baseball team could succeed without using statistics? Very few. It is interesting to note though, that in the past thirty years the historic measurement yardsticks of baseball success, pitcher’s ERA’s, batting averages and others have been shown to be less indicative of good performance on the field.

That’s a lesson that any business can take away from baseball. Not all classic business measurement yardsticks are good metrics and indicative of a strong business core. It’s important to always be refining the tools a business uses to measure and refine relevant business activity.


Business Growth, business metrics, business core, return on assets, return on investment

Featured Topics: Business Metrics, Business growth, Long term business success, Return on Investment, Allocation of business Assets.

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Does your business sacrifice long term business growth at the expense of short term financial or market share gain?

Tip/Offer of the Week

Conduct a review of what business metrics you use in your business to measure success. Do you rely too heavily on classic financial reports such as P&L, Balance Sheet or have you created more refined measurements that are more indicative of your business performance? When was the last time you added a new metric? How often do you evaluate and compare to previous periods?
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